November/December Commissions

Happy new year! Big update to my portfolio! I will be more consistent with updating my portfolio and making sure my images are more consistent looking ^^;

January commissions will be opening up! An online form will be made available this time around. After this, faceup commission prices will be going up to $50/head for February! An updated breakdown of prices will be available on the ‘Pricing’ page once February hits.

Apologies in advance to those who were looking forward to wig commissions. I don’t think I will be opening commissions for the time being. I’d like to focus my attention to faceups and my goal is to start sewing more this year (something I have longed to do). Maybe I will consider a cycle that switches between faceups-wigs-faceups… each month.

Thank you so much for all the support! xoxo (Can’t say it enough!)