Commission Status and updates!


Hello everyone! Long time no see! I finally got around to updating my entire site. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything!

I want to be more active with posting my work so that everything is more accessible online. Social media platforms have been difficult. With Instagram’s algorithm and don’t get me started with Facebook (I still don’t know how to use that), it is harder to post updates. I just have to power through it!!

Anyway, I wanted to mention that I will be keeping my faceup commissions open indefinitely. It hasn’t been busy for me, and I miss working on dolls. Hope to work with some of you in the future!! Please check the “commission status” page for the link to the form. Thank you for sticking with me!

On a personal note, my doll family has grown quite a bit;; I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I’m starting to work on them slowly and they are slowly settling in. (I’ve also updated that section as well! One day I will write their bios! I swear!!)

Much love,