Wig Policies

Wig Info:
  • I currently only accept commissions if I have the fiber on hand
  • I am only able to work on wigs or the head sizes I own. Feel free to send me your head to ensure perfect fit (you are responsible for shipping costs). A slightly bigger wig is better than one that is too tight. A bit of sticky tac on the inside of the cap can be used to keep a loose wig on the head
  • All wigs are made with a hardcap and glue
  • Non-animal fibers (ie.viscose,silk, ramie): These fibers can NOT get wet! Do not use any products on it! However, it can be heat styled: Low heat on silk and ramie. Viscose can handle high heat.
  • Animal fibers (ie. Alpaca, mohair): These wigs can be washed. Please be gentle and avoid getting the roots too wet.You can use hair styling products and tools on this fiber with no problem. Use a leave-in conditioner from time-to-time to help the fibers healthy.
  • All of my wigs are handmade. Meaning there may be some slight imperfections. I do my best to ensure that everything I work on is done to the best of my ability.
  • Please be gentle while brushing! I put all my wigs through a stress-test, but it is normal for a bit of fiber-loss from brushing (usually it’s just fluff; not chunks of hair). I recommend using a toothbrush~